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When you run a small or medium sized business there’s no end to the things that make demands on your time. Whether you’re dealing with the fine detail of your business’s financials yourself day to day, or counting on your bookkeeper to help you keep it all under control, financial housekeeping will be making a serious inroad into your time and productivity. Yet it really doesn’t have to: We’re Activ. The outsourced accounting and financial management specialist for SMEs. We provide the full suite of accounting services your business needs.

Your Security

We ensure by our digital bookkeeping. Of course, we book strictly according the requirements of your national regulations and according to GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles). By automation of your accounting processes your time and effort lowers to the unavoidable minimum. We free you up from the flood of documents. Scan your invoices, orders, receipts and other paperwork with our click-and-send technology, and we’ll take care of everything for you. And if your IT allows, we link every bookkeeping record with the associated digital document. This simplifies searches and audits dramatically.

Your Comfort

we’ll increase by a structured archive your digital documents From now on you will find instead of searching. And moreover, you save money on folders, cabinets and office space. Of course, our archiving technology meets the strict regulations of your country (principles to ensure the due maintenance and preservation of books, records and documents in electronic form …).

Your success

we’ll build on solid ground. With our professional report, we call Activ Business Cockpit, you will be able to grasp the financial situation of your company with a few glances. Similarly to the view of a pilot in the cockpit of his plane you see in the Activ Business Cockpit your cash flow, the profitability and the financial development without tedious series of numbers. So you can do your financial controlling in minutes. Our Activ Business Cockpit enables you to set, to pursue, and to achieve your financial business objectives.
For larger companies, we adapt the reporting precisely to your needs. Whether it comes to projects, to product groups, or customers in your business, our accountants will transform your data into meaningful information.
If you think now, that you can do everything in your own company, so that’s not entirely true. An external service provider always has the ambition to bring the performance of your accounting to the utmost. The experience, which a broad based service provider brings with him, includes not only the best processes and the best systems. But accountants and economists thinking above industry boundaries will take care of your accounting. And moreover, a good service provider will give you a substantial cost advantage beside a good service.
We in Activ Innovation have the right people and the right knowledge to serve small and large companies. Do you want us to take care of your bean counting freeing up you fully for your business? Then let the tedious bookkeeping to us!
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Your competitive Advantage

we secure, by providing information on our BLOG at a given occasion of new developments not only about accounting but also on the subject of tax and legal. We call this “Activ’s BLOG for Advanced Success Thinking”. Secure your competitive advantage and submit into the distribution list:


Your bookkeeping we’ll do on proven financial accounting or ERP programs of your choice. Regardless if you have mass bookings with many documents, or a rather small number of documents, we always book in accordance with the legal regulations of the country in which you are doing business. Whenever technically possible, each bookkeeping record is linked to the corresponding digital document.


From Activ Business Cockpit to completely individual compilation we will give you a report of financials which does not leave any wish unfulfilled. If there is the need, we bring together the data from various IT systems and from different countries and turn it into information that you need. Monthly, weekly, daily, as often as you like!


If you are already internationally established and are doing business by other accounting standards, we provide you with statements that you can take for audit without any further processing. Our experts are experienced in the common accounting standards and are under continuous training to ensure our experts master the latest refinements.

Audit and Tax

Your audit and tax declaration, we pass to one of our external network partners. The reason for this is the guarantee of transparency and independence. We’ll choose the auditor, who is familiar with your financial reporting standard and we’ll choose the tax advisor who is familiar with your industry.

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